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In #LatinExcellence this week we would like to highlight the work CentroNia has been offering to the immigrant community in and around the District of Columbia. Since 1986 CentroNia has been working with newly immigrated families in the Columbia Heights area of Washington, DC. They specially work with Hispanic families whom  access to quality education is not as easily accessible to them due to language and cultural barriers.

#Latinexcellence this week is @CentroNia for their effort and excellent work in early childhood education. Make sure to follow them and support. Click To Tweet

The purpose of this organization was to alleviate the stress level of new residents by providing the necessary resources and assistance needed in order to ease their transition. During the past thirty years, CentroNia has grown and extended it’s services in order to assist the growing Hispanic and immigrant population in areas such as Montgomery and Prince George counties.

About CentroNia:

Created in 1986, under the supervision of Beatriz “B.B.” Otero, with the vision of providing assistance, primarily to immigrants in need of childcare for the young members of the family, as well as shortening the existent bridge  and clearing the obstacles, immigrant families had to go through when it comes to finding access to quality education. This nationally recognized, award winning educational organization, provides affordable quality education, as well as professional development and family support in both languages, English and Spanish.

The organization’s mission is to offer education to children and youth, while strengthening families, always encouraging and focusing on a bilingual and multicultural environment.

The non-profit currently assist more than 2,400 low-income families, not only providing quality and affordable education, In addition, it offers and promotes an award winning food wellness program, offering and encouraging parents, children and staff,  the adoption of healthy habits and making well informed food choices.


  • Early childhood education.
  • Community engagement and education
  • Food and wellness
  • Nia central catering
  • CentroNia institute

If you are interested in learning more about this amazing organization that continues working and assisting the community please visit it’s headquarters located at 1420 Columbia Road, NW Washington DC, 20009 or call 202.332.4200. You could also visit their website


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