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Radio Universo

Are you ready to hear some really good news? Our favorite Venezuelan pop duo, Chino y Nacho, have released their album Radio Universo!

The album took 2 years to create, so you know it’s good. The group has never disappointed with their music – even when they were starting out they managed to win a Latin Grammy for Best Urban Album with Mi Niña Bonita.

Now, get ready to spice up your playlists with this album. Radio Universo is what I would describe as the perfect blend of beats that make you want to dance, move, and sing along. This album can be flawlessly described as a fiesta. This pair knows how to seamlessly mix and match soulful vocals, pop rhythms, Latino spice, and reggaeton beats. While listening to this album, it’s obvious that they have fun doing what they do, and they emit that energy and good feeling through their music. This is the kind of album that you expect to hear at party and nightclub all year long.

Me Voy Enamorando-Remix is one of my favorites; so make sure to check it out. A very cool feature on Spotify is that they have a Radio Universo (Commentary) album filled with Chino y Nacho’s thoughts and notes on each song. The featured artists include Farruko, Gente de Zona, Los Cadillac’s, Silvestre Dangond, Sean Kingston, Sixto Rein, AtellaGali, Chiquis Rivera, and Jenny Rivera.

Chino y Nacho are the epitome of an eclectic group, as their sound ranges from pop, tropical, ballad, rap, and more. There truly is something for everyone on this album, and I, for one, can’t wait to hear more from them in the near future.

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