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Jencarlos stars as Christ in this epic two hour live television event! 

Come experience the passion like never before as Jencarlos takes us through the life of Christ. The story of Jesus brought to life in modern day form for all to witness. A revolutionary performance by casts of The Passion as they tell their story and embrace Christ and the sacrifice he made for us.

Filled with songs of inspiration, Bible verses and spectacular performances use to help bring the story to life; The Passion is bound to have you in tears. This story is packed with life lessons and situations that all can relate to whether you are Christians, believers, religious or not. It goes beyond barriers and touches your hearts.

The Passion by Tyler Perry, an Easter event, tells the story of Jesus last hours on earth before being crucified. It shows the love Jesus has for all humanity despite being betrayed, disowned and abandoned by his own disciples and his people. This story speaks of hope, love, and most all forgiveness.

Jencarlos Canela, the star of The Passion, started his music career at the age of 12. He sang in the group Boom Boom Pop, where he was a member for some years before going on to purse a solo career in the industry. Jencarlos as seen enormous success within his career! He made is first acting debut in 2007, in the hit telenovela, Pecados Ajenos.

“To be playing the role of Jesus Christ is a huge honor and to do it through music, which is what I’ve done my whole life, is an even bigger honor. It’s not about the color of your skin. It’s not about the shape of your eyes. It’s not about the accent. He doesn’t hear any of that. He doesn’t see any of that and I think we need that in today’s America. We are a very diverse country and we need to accept and embrace it. These messages of love, of hope, of acceptance, forgiveness—it’s the biggest story ever told!”

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Click to watch the Latin é Original Horror short film.
Click to watch the Latin é Original Horror short film.
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