La Llorona Breaks The Box Office

La Llorona Breaks the Box Office

This past Easter weekend, the new horror film “The Curse of La Llorana” exceeded sales expectations has received an average CinemaScore score of B- by viewers. La Llorona is based on a Mexican folktale that tells the story of a weeping ghost woman who wanders around at night looking for her kids.  During the opening weekend of the film, the Hispanic audience accounted for half of the overall ticket sales in the country. Internationally, the film has grossed over $56 million. Although the film mainly received favorable views, many fans argue that there still isn’t enough Latino representation or targeting in Hollywood entertainment. However, this box office result demonstrates the positive outcome of targeting Latinos in the film industry.

Do you dare find out more about the curse of La Llorana? Watch the film and learn about the famous Latino folktale.

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