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Laura Pausini

Laura Pausini is an Italian pop singer-songwriter, television personality, and record producer. Born on May 16, 1974, in Faenza, Ravenna, Italy. Laura’s father, Fabrizio Pausini is a former pianist who encouraged her to perform as a singer. In 1987 her father produced her first demo album titled I sogni di Laura. Then she was noticed by an Italian producer and songwriter, Angelo Valsiglio and his manager Marco Marati in her performances in local competitions. Valsiglio suggested to her La solitudine which he wrote with Pietro Cremonesi and Frederico Cavalli. Laura’s rendition convinced both of them and wanted Laura to audition for some major labels. In one of the audition, Laura met Fabrizio Giannini of Warner Music Italy who was impressed with her performance of an unreleased Mia Martini song. Laura obtained her first recording contract under Compagnia Generale del Disco and as one of the first artists discovered by Giannini.

Furthermore, Laura performed La solitudine for the first time during the semifinals of the 43rd Sanremo Music Festival. Laura won the competition beating Gerardina Trovato. La solitudine became a commercial success in Italy, peaking at number one for three consecutive weeks and one of Laura’s best hits. Following its success, Laura worked on her self-titled debut album, Laura Pausini. The album was released in May 1993, by CGD Records and sold 400,000 copies in Italy. It is also a commercial success in various countries. Then in 1994, Laura performed her single Strani amori and ranked third in the Big Artists competition in Sanremo Music Festival. The single launched Laura’s second studio album, Laura. The album sold 200,000 units on its first week. Later that year, she released her first Spanish-language album titled, Laura Pausini. The album was a commercial success in Latin America and in Spain.

Moreover, in 1996, she released her studio album both in Italian and in Spanish language Le cose che vivi and Las cosas que vives in Spanish. The album sold 3,500,000 copies in total. In 1998, Laura released her studio album, La mia risposta with its Spanish version, Mi respuesta. The album sold two million copies in total. In 2000, she recorded a soundtrack for a Pokémon movie, Pokémon 2000: The Power of One. Then the track is included in her studio album, Tra te e il mare on September 11, 2000. The album sold 4,000,000 copies worldwide. Then in 2001, Laura started working on her first English-language debut album, From the Inside. However, the album was not a commercial success.

Then in 2004, Laura released Resta in ascolto with its Spanish-language counterpart, Escucha. The album sold over 5 millions of copies around the world. In November 2006, Laura released her album Io canto and Yo Canto for the Hispanophone market. The album sold over 3,000,000 copies worldwide. Her tenth studio album, Primavera in anticipo and Primavera anticipada. The album has sold 500,000 copies in Italy and 1,500,000 copies worldwide. In 2011, Laura announced her new studio album, Inedito, and Inédito, both in Italian and Spanish. The album sold 1,000,000 copies worldwide. Then in 2015, she released her eleventh studio album, Simili. Lastly, her new studio album Fatti sentire released on March 16, 2018. The album received 2x Platinum.

During Laura Pausini’s career, she has won numerous music awards in Italy and internationally.

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