Monserrate – Como el Cerro

Monserrate -¿Como el Cerro?

Brought to you by Director Famor Botero, Monserrate is a romantic comedy about a Colombian woman living and working in the United States who has to travel to Colombia to deal with her boss’s unsolved business. Monserrate, ¿Como El Cerro? is a film about identity and coming into your own under unexpected circumstances, where the main character falls in love with a man, her surroundings, and ultimately herself.


Monserrate is a clumsy young woman who has no idea what she wants to do with her life. While working in Miami as an assistant to Henry Worthington, owner of a modeling agency, she is faking a luxurious life to compete with the successful life of her friend, Catalina.

Worthington sends Monserrate to his native country to locate the person who was to establish the subsidiary of the modeling agency Worthington in Colombia. When arriving at the property, Monserrate discovers that the house has become a place where artists, models and eccentric subjects of all kinds coexist and live together. Ignoring the orders of her boss, Monserrate lets herself fall in love with the gringo of the house, her new environment, the characters, and the situations with which she finds herself, hiding her identity and the original purpose of her visit. In the midst of absurd situations and crazy characters, a chaotic and unexpected romance arises under the auspices of a house full of celestinas and a funny maid who discovers Monserrate’s secret: the real reason for her trip to Colombia.

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