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Coti Sorokin has one question for you:

Qué esperas? (What are you waiting for?)

Of course, there are many questions within this question: What do you expect from this album? What do you expect from me? What do you want to gain from listening to my music? All of these [and more] can be found hiding in Sorokin’s hot new album’s puzzling title.

As a multi-faceted singer/songwriter/producer/arranger, Coti Sorokin seems to do it all. Over the years, he’s excelled in all of these fields and more, proving himself to be a comprehensive artist who knows how to represent himself in his music.

Qué Esperas, Sorokin’s 7th album, promises to be just as strong as the six that came before. Recorded from late 2013 into early 2014, in Romaphonic, the studio where most of his music has been made, Qué Esperas is following in the path Sorokin’s former successes have set for it.

“I have many memories in this studio, which is why I chose it: for the emotional connection, as well as the technical side which is great. The hall sounds beautiful and you can record with many musicians at the same time, one of the main reasons why I considered it the best place to do it” he says.

This is an album whose 14 songs never cease to surprise, delight, and inspire. Unexpected arrangements and quality sound make this a sparkling record to own, and something for Sorokin to be proud of. The hooks, as always, are especially catchy (trust us, you’ll get them stuck in your head for a long, long time), a facet that Coti claims to have worked hard to perfect.

“It’s a very Argentinian concept – in Spain it’s used less, I am very into choruses. For me it has always been about the message, the synthesis of the chorus: you have to summarize in three words and four notes a huge concept and it is a very difficult task. “

The album transitions from genuine emotional narrative to themes of journeying through the world, completely redefining the concept of New Urban Music.

“I have always been fascinated by the street images, that are why they are part of my lyrics constantly. The city is the recurring scenario of my songs; I always talk about Buenos Aires or Madrid in many songs, and various albums”

In Qué Esperas Coti Sorokin shows himself to be one of the leading artists in current popular Spanish music. He’s earned that title, and he wears it well.

Qué Esperas is available on iTunes, Google, Amazon and all digital platforms. You can follow Coti on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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