‘Selena’ is the LETNetworks Movie of The Week

‘Selena’ is the LETNetworks Movie of The Week

Selena is one is a film that will have you laughing and crying within the same hour. The biographical drama is based on the life of Mexican-American singer Selena Quintanilla. Played, by the talented Jennifer Lopez, her spirit couldn’t have been captured any better to make you drawn to not only the movie but her story.

In the film, it embodies the story of a young Selena in a band called “Selena y los Dinos,” growing into the artist which the world came to know and love. It showed her fighting for respect within her family and Mexicans in general. She even gained a love, Chris Perez, who she also had to fight for. Unfortunately, after her blowup success, there was turmoil and money was being stolen from her. In attempting to resolve the situation, her life was taken. Ironically, it was the late singer’s 24th year anniversary of her passing, March 31st.

Overall, despite the unfortunate event in the end of the movie, I think it was important to show her story. It showed the bubbly, courageous woman she was and how she represented for Mexican-Americans which is why is it LETNetworks Movie of the Week.

Have you seen Selena? If not, grab some popcorn and set a movie night! Let us know what you think of the Selena in the comments below!

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