Siempre Bruja: Netflix Releases Original Series with Afro-Colombian lead

Siempre Bruja: Netflix Releases Original Series with Afro-Colombian lead

Netflix has finally released the highly anticipated original series, Siempre Bruja.

After the release of the trailer in December, social media immediately began raving about the new series which aired February 1st. Based on the novel by Isidora Chacon, Yo, Bruja, the series surrounds the story of an Afro-Colombian woman.

Siempre Bruja, which translates “Always a Witch,” is set to star Angely Gaviria as Carmen, a 19-year-old witch from the 1600s who is in love with her slave master, a white man. With flashbacks, the show reveals Carmen’s romance and that the witch was burned at the stake as a result.

The story follows Carmen’s battle with adjusting into modern day 2019. This is after she is offered a proposition to travel to a time no one will believe she is a witch. Only condition: she doesn’t use her powers. Although she agrees, the title does suggest that she may struggle with keeping her end of the deal.

siempre brujaGaviria is no stranger to the camera, as you may also recognize her from television dramas, 2091 or Pambelé. Castmates alongside her include telenovela star, Verónica Orózco, Dylan Fuentes who plays Johnny Ki, Sofia Bernal Araujo who plays Alicia, Valeria Emiliani who plays Mayte and Carlos Quintero who plays León.

Post the release of the show, however, the series did receive flack for its controversial slave/slave master love story. Ironically, with the premiere date being February 1st, the first day of Black History Month, it was said to have “failed” uplifting expectations with its affront nature.

If you haven’t already, grab some popcorn and head over to Netflix to binge watch the ten-episode series. Are you rooting for Carmen to live her new modern-day life or to go back in time to reconnect with her lover? Let us know in the comments below!

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