Top 10 Latino Love Songs for Your Valentine’s Day

Top 10 Latino Love Songs for Your Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and what better way to show your significant other how much they mean to you than with a Latino love song playlist? Well, look no further,  because Latin é has gathered some of the best romantic Latino love songs. From old classics to new hits, we have it all. Just one listen from this star-studded playlist will surely have love in the air.


  1. “Te Amo” – Franco de Vita

This classic is definitely a must listen for Valentine’s Day. On the track simply translated as “I Love You,” Franco de Vita confesses his love by crooning: “I loved you from the moment I saw you.”


  1. “El Amor” – José Luis Perales

Another heavy-hitter, this track is known for its romantic lyrics and has been played in Hispanic weddings for years. José Luis Perales will have you weak in the knees with lyrics such as: “Love is dreaming while listening to a song. Love is to kiss by giving your heart.”


  1. “Tú” – Shakira

If you ever wanted to share your true feelings about the person you love, this is the track to play. Shakira delves into her emotions with lyrics such as: “My desire to laugh, the goodbye I cannot say because I can never live without you.” Whew, that is deep!


  1. “Te Amaré” – Miguel Bosé

Bosé has truly created a classic with this track. Played at many Hispanic weddings, this song is known mostly for its romantic lyrics such as: “With the peace of mountains, I will love you. In madness and in balance, I will love you.” It certainly should be added to the playlist.


  1. “Amarte Es Un Placer” – Luis Miguel

Luis Miguel’s mesmerizing voice will have you starry-eyed.  Enchanting lyrics like “to love you is my pleasure…..You are part of my skin. Knowing you as my good luck. Loving you is a pleasure.” makes it even better!


  1. “Llegaste Tú” – Luis Fonsi, Juan Luis Guerra

This is the one collaboration you never knew you needed, but after one listen, you’ll definitely want more. The lyrics are perfect for lovers everywhere with lines like: “My heart opened to you, from then on I carry the sky inside me.”


  1. “Bailar Pegados” – Sergio Dalma

If you have even the slightest bit of dance moves, grab your lover and play this track. Sergio Dalma constructs the perfect couple’s dance song with lyrics including, “dancing glued together.”


  1. “Nada Valgo Sin Tu Amor” – Juanes

This song is the perfect “take me back” track, capable of confessing the most sincere emotions between lovers. “I’m worth nothing because I have nothing, if I do not have the best, your love and company in my heart.” How romantic!


  1. “Tan Enamorados” – Ricardo Montaner

Literally translating to “So in Love,” this is the perfect track to play if lover brings you butterflies. “I swear that I will love you above, so in love and so the hard night a little more.”


  1. “Por Amarte Así” – Cristian Castro, Ana Isabelle

This collaboration will tug on your heartstrings with lyrics such as: “For loving you like that is that my fortune is that my punishment, it will be that so much love is perhaps forbidden.”


What are some other songs you would add to your ideal Latino love song playlist? Need  even more inspiration? LETNetworks’ has got you covered. Check out this Valentine’s playlist by DJ Rich Kenny. Comment below with your favorite song! 

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