‘Spanglish’ is LETNetworks Movie of the Week

‘Spanglish’ is LETNetworks Movie of the Week

Spanglish is one of those films you watch and mirror similarities in your life. Director, James L. Brooks, does an amazing job of capturing the difficulties Latino families experience moving to America. One of the few times you see in American films, the perspective of a Latino in the American world, filled with unknowing privilege.

The movie is about a young Mexican girl, Cristina Moreno (Shelbie Bruce,) narrating a year of her life when she and her poor mother, Flor Moreno (Paz Vega,) first moved to America. It centers around how these significant adaptations she underwent has shaped who she is today.

In the film, as Cristina’s mother struggles to make ends meet, she ends up obtaining a job as a nanny for the Clasky family. The upper-class family welcomes the Moreno’s with open arms while also unknowingly exposing Cristina to the lavish lifestyle they are accustomed to. With Flor’s broken English, she struggles to communicate with the Clasky’s and uses the assistance of “spanglish” and her daughter, Cristina. This, however, becomes a problem as Flor discovers it may be difficult to surround Cristina around the Clasky kids as the nanny’s daughter.

Overall, the experience helped Cristina Morena develop into the woman she is today. Cristina narrates the film as her application essay for Princeton University. Latinos who have moved to America are sure to understand the feelings Cristina and Flor were undergoing throughout the movie which is why is it LETNetworks Movie of the Week.

Have you seen Spanglish? If not, grab some popcorn and go to Netflix where you can watch the film! Let us know what you think of the Spanglish in the comments below!

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