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Thanksgiving Day is around the corner and with it comes dinner parties, full bellies, and shopping sprees. Aside from making plans with family, and baking pies in the kitchen to celebrate all the blessings we get to enjoy each and every day, there is also the ‘what to wear’ factor that accompanies all major holidays. The first thing to assess is the location. Where are you spending el Dia de Accion de Gracias? Are you staying home and hosting? Going to someone else’s place? Or, are you planning to spend the day at a nice restaurant in town? Your answer is crucial in determining what you can get away with on Thanksgiving this year.


In my book, regardless of the location and the specific look you’re aiming for, the key thing to have in mind when pondering Thanksgiving fashion is… drum roll please… comfort. You want to be able to move, talk, and laugh regardless of how much pumpkin pie you ate.  For this reason, I tend to gravitate towards leggings and a stretchy or loose dress. Being comfortable doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice style and class. A good point of reference when selecting your Thanksgiving outfit is to pick pieces that make you feel great, in fabrics that are smooth and have some sort of stretch. The last thing you want is to feel constricted with a full stomach.


Ready to meet with family and friends and feast the day away? Finish off your look with some pretty jewelry. Statement pieces will make any monochromatic or simple look stand out. So, feel free to go for big earrings, statement necklaces, or fabulous cocktail rings to dazzle everyone at the table. Thanksgiving is a day to spend with the people you love, so relax and wear something that makes you feel beautiful.

What’s your go-to Thanksgiving look? Share it with us!

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