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You Know You’re Latino When…

You Know You’re Latino When…

There are many different spices in this world and each one has a unique, tasteful flavor just like people. Latinos are distinctive because they have a culture and lifestyle that is appealing and entertaining. If you grew up with a Latin family, here are a few things you may be able to relate to while growing up:

 1. You arrive at 9:30pm to a gathering that was scheduled to start at 8pm

For many latinos, it’s common to show up pretty late to an event that was scheduled at a certain time. So if you ever want your latino friends to show up to a special event on time, make sure you tell them it’s 2 hours early then what it really is. (Even then, they’ll probably still show up late LOL)


2. As a child when you got in trouble, you were threatened by “la chancla”

 If you are a child growing up in a Latin household, God forbid you start a fuss in public or get detention at school. Be sure you will face the consequences and be given “la chancla” at home. If you know, you know.


 3. Vick’s VaporRub is the cure for everything

 According to Latin mothers, Vicks’s VaporRub is not only essential to relieve chest and nasal congestion. This cold remedy also has the power to heal headaches, heartbreaks and hangovers. Just like many abuelas would say “when in doubt, use VaporRub”


4. Every Saturday night, you would get excited to watch Sabado Gigante

 As adults, many of probably spend our Saturday nights going out with friends and or going to the movies. However, there was once a time when we all used to head to the living room to watch Sabado Gigante with the family. There was nothing like watching contestants win play games and win prizes on the show. Let us not forgot every time El Chacal would come out and blow his horn.

 5. You wake up Sunday Mornings watching your mom clean the house while dancing to Salsa

 For most people, you would normally wake up on a Sunday morning by the chirping birds outside. However, if you are Latino, you had to get used to starting your Sunday with loud salsa music and the smell of Fabuloso. Also, if you were in bed for too long, you will definitely have mama pull you out of the sheets before you could say buenos dias.

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