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Alex Fernández

Alex Fernández is a ranchera singer and the son of the Latin pop singer Alejandro Fernández and the grandson of the retired singer, actor, and film producer, Vicente Fernandez. His sister, Camila Fernandez also followed their father’s footsteps as a famous singer. Alex was born on November 4, 1993, in Mexico.

Singing was not one of Alex’ plans where in fact he is working as an administrator on his father’s company. However, his grandfather heard him singing and became his manager. Alex released his mariachi-themed debut album Sigue la Dinastía on March 15, 2019. The album housed 11 songs and both his singles Te Amaré and Lo Primero Que Haría. Also, it featured songs written by famous composers such as Manuel Monterrosas, Luis Elizalde, Messías and Gustavo A. Santiago. With the guidance of his grandfather, he worked hard knowing that both fans of his father and grandfather would hold him with high standards.

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