Coco is the LETNetworks Movie of The Week

Coco is the LETNetworks Movie of The Week

The first time my friends saw Coco, I received text after text stating almost verbatim: “You have to see Coco…it’s like, the best movie ever.” Initially, I had written it off as the same excited hyperbole I give every time I see a new Marvel movie (Infinity War was the best movie ever until Captain Marvel). But I was wrong. Coco isn’t just the “best movie ever”, it’s better and that’s why it’s LETNetworks’ first “Movie of the Week.”

Coco is unlike any movie I’ve ever seen before: it’s about the inevitability of death, explores grudges, touches on themes of abandonment and yet, it has made so many people feel less alone. Not only is it the first animated Disney movie to feature an all Latino cast, it portrays the themes of family, love, and acceptance throughout, asserting its place as a thoroughly heartwarming movie. 

A Still from Disney’s Coco

The movie is about Miguel, a twelve-year-old boy in a fictitious Mexican town with an affinity for music. Unfortunately, his household has banned music due to his great-great-grandfather, who left his family to pursue a career in music. His wife, Mamá Imelda, was left to take care of their child alone, embedding within her a longstanding bitterness towards music. As a result, Miguel embarks on a journey full of laughs, smiles, and yes, tears. Oh, and if you haven’t heard “Recuérdame” yet, you have to –you’ll thank me later.

Coco has the uncanny ability to make you feel things like few other movies and that’s why I’m still talking about it 2 years later. And for the record, I take no responsibility if you cry at the end of the movie –it’s practically a right of passage. You can watch it on Netflix here.

What about you? Let us know what you think of Coco in the comments below!

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