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Hola! Carla here from fashion and cocktails blog Haute Cocktail and e-boutique Cherries & Olives.

Today I bring you the second post on dressing your body type. If you haven’t found out what kind of body you have be sure to check out my past post (Discover Your Body Type). This silhouette tends to have a bigger chest and/or broader shoulders in comparison to the hip area. If this sounds like the description of your body, you might be an inverted triangle or tulip! For a better visual and some inspiration we’re using Michelle Rodriguez as our muse.

Now, when dressing the tulip body shape the clue is balance. You want to accentuate the body and create the illusion of either more curves on the lower body or a less broad shoulder area. Form fitting pieces are a great way to start, specially on the upper part of the body where you don’t want to create more volume. Any styles that help lengthen or showcase the shoulders are welcome. Think v-necks, strapless and delicate off the-shoulder tops.

When it comes to pants and skirts you can either go the form-fitting route with a pencil skirt or create a feminine balance with an A-line skirt that will bring more volume to your hips. Trumpet skirts are a nice happy medium as they’ll create volume but still hug your hips. In the pants department stick to straight cuts that will streamline your silhouette, boot cuts for curves and/or boyfriend jeans for adding volume. 

Shop some key pieces below to enhance your tulip body shape:


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