Libertad Clandestina a New Biopic About Filiberto Ojeda Ríos

Libertad Clandestina

“Libertad Clandestina ” (Clandestine Liberty) is the story of a man with many names. An individual with a vision: independence for the people of Puerto Rico. Filiberto Ojeda Ríos, as leader of the Ejercito Popular Boricua, (Boricua Popular Army, Los Macheteros) has continued to fight with tenacity, idealism, and sacrifice until he finally arrives at his unjust death. Through this story, we will understand how Filiberto continues to be a symbol that lives within the struggle for the independence of Puerto Rico.

Project Development/Overview

Libertad Clandestina, in the early stages of pre-production focusing on Puerto Rican Revolutionary Filiberto Ojeda Ríos. As a native Puerto Rican, the biopic emerged from the desire to spotlight a historical figure from Puerto Rico’s history. It encompasses the life of Filiberto and his political ideology through his struggle to achieve independence for Puerto Rico via cinematic flashbacks. In addition, timing is just right. The island has had flourishment of new films being produced which prompts the film creation to be timely.

Prior to beginning filming, resources have been allocated for in-depth research for the past two years. Traveling to and from Puerto Rico to conduct interviews with defense lawyers, autopsy doctor, a news reporter who interviewed Filiberto while in hiding from the US & Puerto Rican governments. All whom pried opened an intimate view of Filibertos life leading up to his assassination. The film will bring Filiberto back to life, a defense of his ideologies/beliefs and let new generations learn the truth of such a controversial figure.

The most recent development for Libertad Clandestina is the two-minute demo created to depict the cinematic direction. Braulio Castillo will be the leading actor playing the role of Filiberto. You may know the Puerto Rican actor for his roles in Tanairí, Dueña y Señora, Una boda en Castañer and his most recent project The Oath, a Sony Crackle series produced by Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson. The demo released via Vimeo serves to raise funds to continue the film development leading towards a hopeful 2021 premiere.

About Wilfred Rodriguez

Libertad ClandestinaWilfred Rodriguez is a three-time Emmy award-winning filmmaker known for his short film “An Evil Mind”, the promotional series “Soy Como Tú” & the Univision special report “Quantico.” Wilfred Rodriguez has always been an avid fan of cinema; the world of filmmaking intrigued him and it became his passion.  In high school, Wilfred had the opportunity to participate in the school’s video program, where he was selected to be a video technician who was in charge of operating the camera during the Stafford County’s Board of Education meetings. After high school, Wilfred went on to obtain a Bachelor in Fine Arts in Digital Filmmaking & Video Production from the Art Institute of Washington, where he received the award for Academic Excellence in Filmmaking. After graduating, Wilfred went on to work as an intern/Videographer with Latin é while also getting his start in the industry producing local commercials and promos for Univision Washington.

Wilfred’s first film project with Latin é & LETNetworks was Opia, a short horror film based on true events. You can follow Will and his progress toward the completion of his film on Instagram @ThatWilRod.


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