For artists in the music industry, having a song included in the Billboard Chart is a significant achievement. But for brothers Mau y Ricky, it’s a case of unbelievable fulfillment. Just recently, the Venezuelan duo was able to secure not just one, not just two, but seven of their songs in the Hot Latin Songs List of the Billboard Chart. Apart from the group’s undeniable talent as music artists, this Billboard achievement was also made possible through the help of renowned composers Camilo Echeverry and Jon Leone.

More than just singers, Mau y Ricky are also very talented composers. And their amazing craftsmanship in composing songs have earned them this great achievement that only very few artists are able to accomplish. The songs they have composed that made it to the top list of Billboard’s Hot Latin Songs are “Mi Mala“, “Di Que Sientes Tu“, “Sin Pijama“, “El Clavo“, “123“, “Duro y Suave“, and “Cuidao“.

As versatile artists, their talent in mustering the right words in order to produce beautifully crafted songs is not limited in a single genre. In fact, the duo have already composed songs for some of the most admired artists in the Latin Music industry. And these are Thalia, Ricky Martin, Leslie Grace, Diego Boneta, Cristian Castro, and others more.

Mi Mala

Mau y Ricky‘s hit single “Mi Mala”, a song they have also composed themselves, came out at #44 in the Hot Latin Songs. Furthermore, the same song of the duo ended up in the top 20 of Pop Latin Songs in the 2018 Billboard Charts.

More about Mau y Ricky

Just recently, the brothers gave their fans in Peru one more reason to dance to their hit song Mi Mala. The two performed alongside Abraham Mateo in the latter’s “Festival Barrio Latino 2018” concert. Mau y Ricky was able to perform side by side with their father Ricardo Montaner in “Lo Nuestro Awards” through the songs Sera and Tan Enamorados.

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