Paty Cantu has been relentless in sharing her music influence in the international scene as her latest album #333 reached Gold and Platinum sales recognition titles. This smashing album that has 16 songs including Mariposas, Amor Amor Amor, and No Fue Suficiente accomplished unbelievable success In Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, and Chile. This realization paved way for the launch of the album’s Deluxe Edition.

#333 Deluxe Edition came out as a way for the Mexican singer songwriter to thank her fans for the success of her most recent album. This fresh version of the album is a guaranteed mega-treat for all her followers and Latin music lovers alike as it includes two CDs and a DVD that carry the artist’s entire portfolio of her latest endeavors as an international sensation. This includes Paty Cantu‘s classical singles, unedited footage, international hits, alternative versions, live performances particularly in Guadalajara and Jalisco, and her awesome duets with various superstars of the industry.

The Deluxe Edition of the album secured an alternative and more enticing way for Paty’s fans to enjoy her music. This new version offers singles recorded straight from US, Mexico, Switzerland, and England studios. And to top it all, the Deluxe Edition offers all the music videos of the songs included in the album.

Giving more glitter and glamour into Paty Cantu‘s #333 album is her steamy collaboration with Alejandro Sanz in Cuenta Pendiente. Apart from the said song’s 4.5 million streams in Spotify, Cuenta Pendiente has already reached its 22 millionth mark in Youtube. Since its release (two months ago), the song has witnessed an overwhelming success in the industry as it dominated the iTunes sales charts of more than 10 countries which included U.S., Guatemala, Peru, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Mexico, and Spain.

Paty Cantu “Cuenta Pendiente” ft Alejandro Sanz

Paty Cantu has successfully made a significant mark into the hearts and minds of her fans across the globe to the point where some, especially those hailing from Germany, Japan, France, Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, and Argentina have made their own fan-made versions of the said song.The simultaneous release of “Cuenta Pendiente” and #333 Deluxe Edition are a manifestation of the Latin music industry’s dynamism.

“I’m just a Mexican. A woman. A human being that walks around the world not looking to be #1, but looking to be happy. And to connect. And to create. And for art to tell our story with justice and quality. The #333 Deluxe Edition is the result of many years of work and sacrifice from a Mexican woman that wanted to plant her seed throughout the world and enjoy the fruits of her labor alongside dreams that came true. Just like my duet with Alejandro Sanz. Like going against the tide alongside everyday heroes that are honest and lovable, musical and crazy.” – paty cantu

The deluxe version of the album opens up a whole new window into the Latin music world showcasing the diverse and colorful culture of musically talented Hispanics. It serves as a rhythmic authentication of the Latin music’s dynamic nature, that can adapt and innovate through time. Currently, #333 Deluxe Edition significantly extends the triumph of Paty Cantu’s most recent album.

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