paty cantu cuenta pendienteAfter savoring an unimaginable success from her “#333” album in the international stage, Mexican singer songwriter Paty Cantu teams up with Alejandro Sanz for yet another steamy music video. “Cuenta Pendiente” premiered in Paty Cantu‘s official Youtube channel last August 16, 2018 and has now received a whopping 13 and a half million views.

As both talented songwriters, Paty Cantu and Alejandro Sanz worked hand in hand to come up with the words that will best describe the song’s theme. “Cuenta Pendiente” is the perfect example of successful artistic combination of two unique and captivating vocal styles. The entire production is a Latin music powerhouse with Andres Saavedra standing as the producer of the song and Josh Goodwin as the mixer.

paty cantu and alejandro sanzCuenta Pendiente” was rhythmically arranged to deliver a sensual touch into the very heart of the song’s poetry. The music video tells a passionate story of two strangers standing on common ground for love and desire. A seemingly irresistible struggle between holding back and giving in to temptation – a cuenta pendiente waiting to be realized.

As if the poetry of the song has not been passionate enough, director Alejandro Perez pours in more heat of desire and love to the music video with a mild but steamy confrontation between Paty Cantu and Alejandro Sanz in a rather sporty setting. The entire music video was entirely filmed in a certain soccer field of Miami. The artistry of the video casts shadows which reflect the hidden desires of the individuals involved towards each other.

“It’s a song that fuses different elements and sounds to risk reinventing itself, fitting into different worlds at the same time. It proposes its own cadence. It is pop because it is melodic and structured, but it has a street outside the lines of the common and safe; details such as programming versus the silent strumming of the guitar played by Alejandro, give it a special touch, and feel” and adds: “Artists like Alejandro Sanz, become iconic for being constantly risky and visionary. He is an artist who makes the sounds of fine form his own and plays different worlds with the power and universality of his style and voice. It is a dream come true to be able to work with him and to present this song together.” – paty cantu

Cuenta Pendiente” is a powerful music video that also emphasizes the equality of man and woman’s sexualities.

“It reveals real empowerment, showing the two parties as equal. Without using sexuality in a vulgar way in its lyric. Nicely suggesting and leaving much to the imagination. The video portrays textual and virtual desires (playing with the repetition of the phrase “I like it”) and through the art of Alejandro Pérez. The video is more like a thriller movie trailer, than a music video clip. It starts again from being a different proposal.” – paty adds

Cuenta Pendiente” is now on its way to reaching 14 million views and can be enjoyed on all digital platform.

Paty Cantu “Cuenta Pendiente” featuring Alejandro Sanz

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