paty cantu cuenta pendienteThe merging of Paty Cantu and Alejandro Sanz is definitely a force to be reckoned with. Paty and Alejandro recently joined hands in producing a steamy and rather compelling song, “Cuenta Pendiente“. The music video was introduced to the world last August 16 straight from Paty Cantu‘s official Youtube channel and has gained an astounding 10 million views in its first week. Her collaborative success with Alejandro Sanz in “Cuenta Pendiente” is another huge step forward shortly after the great accomplishment that she gained from her “#333” album.

alejandro sanz cuenta pendienteCuenta Pendiente” emphasizes the artistic and appealing collusion of two distinct vocal techniques yielding a much more soothing and enticing tone. Apart from two of the most powerful voices in the Latin music industry, the unique and charming approach of the entire song and video was also made possible by producers Andres Saavedra and Josh Gudwin who is also a very talented music mixer.

Cuenta Pendiente” offers an artistic wordplay which depicts a fiery encounter of two strangers which yielded strong feelings for each other. Yet these cherished affections remained untapped which brewed an even stronger urge between two lovers. The music video dramatically illustrates the ever growing fantasy and desire of the two people from which both Paty Cantu and Alejandro Sanz did quite well in portraying their roles.

live paty cantu alejandro sanz cuenta pendienteThe entire scene of the music video was shot at the heart of no less than the capital city of Latin America, Miami. Director of photography Alejandro Perez made sure that the whole production is a huge success. To artistically represent the poetic play of the song, the video opens its curtains on a soccer field wherein Paty Cantu and Alejandro Sanz are the two sole players of the game. With creative illustration, shadows of the two said artists are animated to expose their desires for each other. 

The artistic arrangement of the entire music video also illustrates individual empowerment for both male and female characters. This significantly emphasizes equality in a rather sexy and captivating approach. The creativity and open-mindedness of director Alejandro Perez plays a crucial role in enticing the imagination of the audience.

“The video is more like a thriller movie trailer, than a music video clip. It starts again from being a different proposal.” – Paty Cantu

Paty Cantu “Cuenta Pendiente” featuring Alejandro Sanz

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