The Latin Music Industry is definitely going to be sweeter this time around with Chesca‘s “Azucar“. Rising Puerto Rican Pop artist Chesca is all set to be the next hottest Latin performer of today’s generation. Oozing with sex appeal and captivating voice, Chesca is no doubt about to make her own mark in the industry in no time.

Last October 11, Chesca made her official entry into the world stage stage through the debut of her very first Spanish single in her Youtube Channel. And in just about three weeks, the multi-talented singer has already secured more than 1.6 million views in her official Youtube channel for her “Azucar” music video.

Through the help of the same team that worked wonders on Marc Anthony‘s “Vivir La Vida” and J Lo‘s “On the Floor“, Chesca‘s “Azucar” music video has been highly successful in artistically emphasizing the Puerto Rican born singer’s vocal prowess and alluring beauty that serve as the pillars of her brand in the industry.

Azucar” offers the same smooth, sexy, and upbeat melody rendered by the once globally dominating “Despacito“. Like many other Latin superstars before her, Chesca is a hardworking professional constantly working out her music style to best captivate the hearts and minds of the world audience. She’s also looking forward to having the opportunity of making collaborative projects with internationally renowned Latin artists like Pitbull and many others.

Chesca “Azucar”

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