Song of the Week: Selena Gomez’s “Lose You to Love Me”

Rightfully enjoying its spot in the top 40 of The Billboard Hot 100 Chart, Selena Gomez’s “Lose You to Love Me” is a special song in this superstars career. Kicking off the piece with a beautiful piano melody that sets a soft yet somber tone for the rest of the song, its sets the perfect stage for Selena to show off her amazing vocals. A classic love lost song that has both optimistic and pessimistic attitudes, the song is exceptional at creating a bittersweet retrospective that these kind of songs are known for.

The song sports a very simple music video. Unlike many music videos today that are very all over the place and exciting, Selena’s song stays focused directly on her. The entire video is shot in black and white, creating a sense of duality for the love she is talking about. The song plays on the love/hate dynamic that relationships bring us to. The greatest things in life a difficult to let go, even if they are causing you pain and sorrow. Similar to a drug, love is sometimes something you have to let go in order to move on with your life.

Fans like to speculate the song is about Justin Bieber and the relationship they used to share. While there isn’t any explicit proof of this, many lyrics to the song allude to the possibility. One line that may point to this is her saying you “Sang off key in my chorus…Cause it wasn’t yours.” This may be a reference to a song Justin and Selena had done together.

Another telling lyric was “I gave my all and they all know it.” This revealing line tells people that the relationship she is singing about was very high profile. Considering that Justin and Selena were one of the highest profile couples ever, it would make sense everyone would know what she gave to the relationship. Also just considering how young she was when she dated Justin, she probably views herself far more wiser than she used to be. That’s where a lot of the optimism of the song comes from as she grows beyond a past relationship.

There is a very good chance this song could become a classic in the future. With a great piano intro and Selena’s iconic vocals to match, this sorrowful love song has all the elements to withstand the test of time. It plays with the imagination of the fans of the Selena and Justin relationship and boasts an artistic music video that keeps the topic ambiguous enough to feed said imagination. All in all, it’s a good day when this hops on the radio.

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