LETNetworks Song of the Week: “South of the Border”

Do you ever wish you could away? The hot summer air on your skin next to the cool blue pacific. This song of the week showcases the mood of a love crazy vacation while still keeping the tone even paced and celebratory. Bouncing up and down the Billboard 100 this week, “South of the Border” by Cardi B, Camilla Cabello and Ed Sheeran is a great party song anyone can get behind.

Camilla Cabello is amazing throughout the song. The Cuban American singer that had the bestselling digital single of 2018 blasts her one of a kind voice and style with fellow powerhouses Sheeran and Cardi. She switches seamlessly between English and Spanish for her verses, managing to effortlessly keep amazing rhythm at the same time. Her ability to flow throughout the music and essentially converse a complicated message of love between Sheeran is one of the best highlights of the song.  

But the real star of the show is Cardi B. While her rapping chops are full center in the second half of the song, it is in the music video where she really shines. The bestselling artist shows why she is one of the most coveted entertainers in the business. Her fiery dancing and hardnosed rap manages to intertwine masterfully in this love stricken getaway. Ultimately, without Camilla and Cardi, “South of the Border” would just be a forgettable Sheeran love song with none of the spiciness and flavor.

The song gives off good vibes, it has no dull moments, and it has an extremely action packed music video that will light up the room for the party. Cardi herself kills it. Her singing, rapping, and dancing while throwing blows against secret agents creates a lot of energy for the audience to dance to this song. A great example of Latin pop, “South of the Border” is great addition to the hip hop compendium.

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