The recently concluded Latin American Music Awards 2018 shined a whole lot brighter with fantastic live performance by Alvaro Soler of his international hit single “La Cintura“. The “El Mismo Sol” singer effortlessly made the conclusion of the fourth edition of the Latin American Music Awards extra special through his phenomenal performance with Flo Rida and Tini.

“La Cintura” Latin American Music Awards 2018

The trio conquered the stage of the LAMA 2018 and turned it into a total party house alongside 30 adrenaline pumped dancers. Surrounded by Dolby Digital Theater, Alvaro Soler‘s live performance of “La Cintura” with Flo Rida and Tini raised roofs and jolted the audience up from the seats to dance along with the song’s rhythm. The whole experience was so exhilarating that a lot of people from the audience took their phones and recorded the performance which later on stormed the social media.

La Cintura” music video is a powerful force to be reckoned with warranting distinguished recognition in various digital platforms. In Alvaro Soler‘s official Youtube channel alone, the original version of the song has already gained more than 136 million views in its 7th month while the remix version with Flo Rida and Tini gets an easy 33 million from its 3rd month of broadcast.

Alvaro Soler “La Cintura Remix” ft Flo Rida, Tini

With fans craving for more of Alvaro Soler‘s undeniable charisma and unparalleled talent, the artist is being prepped for a promotional tour that will cover key cities of Mexico City.

Alvaro Soler “La Cintura”

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