dime por que remixJust recently, Rey Chavez conquered Colombia with the release of the remix version of “Dime Por Que“. The reggaeton star and supermarket owner recently visited the country dubbed as the “Gateway to South America” as part of his promotional and media trips and took the opportunity of launching “Dime Por Que Remix“. It is without a doubt that Rey Chavez‘s collaboration with Arcangel in “Dime Por Que” is a significant step forward into the former’s professional career. And to move his triumph further up a notch, Rey Chavez unleashed the “Dime Por Que Remix” version that features three more exciting addition to the group – Pipe Calderon, Golpe a Golpe, and Manicomio 777.

“Dime Por Que” Rey Chavez ft Arcangel

During his trip in Medillin, Colombia, Rey Chavez bumped upon local Colombian reggaeton artists and jived together which led into the formulation of the song’s remix version. The rare and fated encounter happened when Rey Chavez came up with an unplanned agreement of developing a remix version of his latest single with other homegrown reggaeton artists while the former was working at a local studio in Colombia. This pushed the Cuban singer in launching “Dime Por Que Remix” at the heart of Colombia’s second largest city – the song’s birthplace.

The music video of “Dime Por Que Remix” holds a special place in the hearts of the singers involved because it signifies how talented and inventively creative Latin music artists are. With the help of local Colombian reggaeton stars, the song becomes powerful as it harbors the music culture of Colombia creatively merged with Rey Chavez‘s original style.

Rey Chavez “Dime Por Que Remix” ft Arcangel, Pipe Calderon, Galpe a Golpe, and Manicomio 777

Rey Chavez is about to do a live performance of his new music along with the rest of the artists who collaborate with him in the video for the upcoming Cubatonazo 2018 on the 3rd week of November.

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