Joey Montana grooves back into the Latin music stage with the release of his latest hit single “La Movida“. Fans and music enthusiasts of Montana’s music style can now dance to the beat of “La Movida” through various digital platforms. Everyone can enjoy streaming the music video of the song in the artist’s official Youtube channel.

It was through the Telemundo show “Al Rojo Vivo” that “La Movida” made a smashing premier. The Panamanian reggaeton singer uploaded the music video in his Youtube channel last June 28 and has already received more than 3 million views. The whole production took place in Bogota, Colombia. Emphasizing the theme and title of the song, a great dance battle ensues in the video wherein social media start Killadamente makes a special appearance.

Joey Montana “La Movida”

To move the world with his music style, Joey Montana introduced “La Movida” himself in the “Viva El Mundial” show topped with an all out performance. As a total performer, Joey Montana effortlessly grooved his way into the hearts of the audience through his undeniable charm and talent. The reggaeton vocalist further secured momentum for his video’s global premier by co-hosting the special episode of “Headlines and More” and enticed the audience with an exclusive sneak peek into La Movida‘s behind-the-scenes.

Just like in his 2015 mega hit song “Picky“, Joey Montana vows to make everyone enjoy and dance to the beats of “La Movida“. Earlier last year, the Panamanian reggaeton vocalist collaborated with Colombian-American singer songwriter Sebastian Yatra in “Suena El Dembow“. The song dramatically highlighted Montana‘s singing career as “Suena El Dembow” gained a US Platinum Record status and made it to the top of Latin America and Spain music charts.

Joey Montana “Suena El Dembow” feat Sebastian Yatra

Joey Montana‘s outstanding feats and successes in the music industry are the fruits of his genuine effort as a talented singer songwriter. The reggaeton artist worded a lot of international hits while collaborating with a number of big names in the industry. Joey Montana is currently booked with multiple shows and TV guestings to promote his latest dance music and engage his fans in the regions of US and Latin America. The singer songwriter is also prepping for Univision‘s Golden Ball Awards which will be held this coming July 14 in Los Angeles, California.

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