With all his recent successes in the industry, the Honduran reggaeton sensation has no plans of slowing down in further introducing his music style to the world. Last June 28, Carbon Fiber Music published Menor Menor‘s latest hit single “Falsas Promesas” in the said music label’s official Youtube Channel. As of this writing, the music video has already reached more than 600,000 views in a span of less than a week. “Falsas Promesas” can now be enjoyed on all digital platforms.

The “Viral Artist of the Year” awardee is one of Hondura’s most promising music artists of today. Menor Menor continues to revolutionize the local industry by introducing unique yet appealing music. “Falsas Promesas” provides a soothing opportunity for reggaeton fanatics to get into the groove of Menor Menor’s artistic tunes. The music video was produced and shot entirely within the artist’s home country.

As a talented songwriter, Menor Menor came up with the words used in his latest music video with the help of Franklin Martinez. The song focuses on the overwhelming emotions of a once broken character who chose to move on with a new found love after realizing that the previous relationship lived out of neglect and false promises. Lil Geniuz stepped into the game and produced the song that reflected Menor Menor‘s genuine talent.

Despite the overwhelming pride the artist feels in his recent successes, Menor Menor continues to introduce his musical style with the goal of sharing his songs to the world for everyone’s entertainment. To date, Menor Menor is the most decorated artist throughout Honduras. “Viral Artist of the Year” and “Revelation Artist of the Year” are to name a few.  His appealing style in the urban music genre continues to bear fruits as he relentlessly gains a great number of fans through his songs. His popularity in the Latin music industry fuels his songs in the digital platforms with millions of views.

Just recently, Menor Menor appeared in Daddy Yankee‘s Tegicigalpa concert with a special performance. The program was supported by 13,000 Latin music enthusiasts who danced and sang alongside Menor Menor as he performed his music to the audience.

With all his recent accomplishments, Menor Menor is planning to introduce his music further in the global stage and meet his fans hailing from various corners of the world. His group is currently brewing a tour that will most likely include the United State of America.

“Falsas Promesas” by Menor Menor

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