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Rumba de la Buena is now at the 17th spot in the Billboard Tropical Airplay. Aymee’s new single was at the 21st rank from the previous week. Rumba de la Buena now closely follows Paso A Paso by Rolf Sanchez. Aymee has been one of the chart toppers of Billboard Tropical. Her Rumba de la Buens single is poised to earn her the top spot once again. Like any other rumba music, Aymee’s Good Rumba is oozing with energy and vigor. This new Cuban music is a guaranteed party starter that can instantly give you a dose of adrenaline rush down to your rumba bones.


Aymee Nuviola is considered as one of the hottest and most promising Cuban artists of today. A natural blooded musician, Aymee was introduced into the magnificence of Cuban music in her early years. Notably, her childhood was literally embodied with piano lessons. Aymee Nuviola was able to play a piano in as early as 3 years old. Eventually, she was groomed in the country’s most prestigious musical institute, the Manuel Saumell Conservatory. Aymee’s early romance with music was with Debussy and Bossa Nova.

Natural Talent

Aymee Nuviola comes from a clan of music artists. As a natural born musician, Aymee has unparalleled versatility when it comes to artistically playing through different genres of music. She is one of the most  talented Cuban musicians of today because of her ability to creatively adapt to different tempos . Aymee Nuviola can make your ears fall in love with her songs in Sultry Ballads, Bossa Nova, Nueva Trova, Boleros, Jazz, Bachata, and Salsas.

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New look, same magical melody

Aymee Nuviola recently fascinated the press with her new look. The ever beautiful Cuban musician usually flaunts a retro and thick curly hairstyle. Previously, in the recently concluded Billboard Awards, Aymee Nuviola shows off a gorgeous shoulder length wavy hairstyle. Nevertheless, Aymee still produces the same powerful, upbeat, and joyful music.

Rumba de la Buena (Good Rumba)

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